understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So We give you a very practical way to live Life; and when you do not know what’s the right thing to do in physical conditions, don’t look to the outer through individuals who are not harmonious. If you are going to get information, seek the harmonious channel, but ask for the Seven Mighty Elohim’s God Way to do what needs to be done to fulfill the Divine Plan at the right moment , in the right way; but whatever you do, make it Invincible against any human creation.

Then everything you create will bless everybody and everything you contact, and you will close the door to the discordant experiences that have, many times, so disappointed you and so limited you that you have almost given up your effort to do that which you have the capacity to do.

Now when you start to do something in the physical octave, stop a moment and ask your “Beloved I AM Presence” to flood you with the Great Central Sun’s Cosmic Illumination, and the Ascended Master’s Sacred Fire Illumination that knows the Ascended Masters’ Way to create what you want to create, and then, be at Peace!

Make your Call and hold the Harmony; and as you hold steady within that, and you ask Our Hearts’ Flame to enfold your physical body, blaze through everything in your feeling world, and fill your mind with the Cosmic Illumination of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation, and into the outer bring the Ascended Masters’ God Way of doing everything, We can fill you with that which comes from Our Octave.

Then your “Beloved I AM Presence” can fill you with that which It wishes to give you, and you can go forward and correct conditions in the physical world by the Sacred Fire from Our Realm of Life; because all conditions in this World that need purifying and correcting, if they are going to be corrected permanently, must be filled with the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Presence and Heart Flame, in order to hold the Purity, the Harmony, the Balance, and the Possession and Control of the Energy , and the Intelligence necessary to produce that Perfection, and protect It.

Then It can expand to bless you and bless everybody you contact, and you will not struggle!”

Beloved Elohim Cassiopea

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