understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now many times the “Presence” shows you the right thing to do, but you do not always know the Perfect Way to do it, or the most necessary way to do it; but when We enfold you in Our Life from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, It is the Life that has been used to create this World and the Magnificent Perfection that has been here many times.

And it is Our Life’s Experience of using these Master Powers of Life to design Perfection, to make you feel Perfection, to enable you to desire Perfection, and to clothe you in the most wonderful, efficient way of producing that Perfection.

One reason I am bringing this to your attention today is because someday when you begin to use the Powers of Precipitation or Etherealization, you will need to make this Call so that what you have precipitated into your hands will be the Perfect thing you desire, and not something that has come through the outer self and is distorted, and therefore would disappoint you.

This is the Balanced Use of the faculties of your Life, your mind, the Power in your feeling, and your Powers of Creation.

The Power of Design and the Power in the feeling is the energy in your Life which you give to it. You must give your Life to whatever you are going to design and create; and therefore Our Life, enfolding you in Our Hearts’ Flame, is the complete Ascended Master Balanced Control that controls you so you do the right thing in the right way, and the most wonderful Harmony and Perfection that enables your “Beloved I AM Presence” to reveal to you the Perfection It wants to bring through you.

And Our Perfection that We have used for centuries can come in and around you and be a Power to assist you because It can only produce Perfection for you. Therefore Our Life, Our Sacred Fire Love which We give to you for this Service, would always know and be the Self Control to do the right thing at the right moment.

Therefore, in all Creative Activities you need the Enfolding Heart Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation to enable your own Life Stream to come through you and hold the Control around you while It fulfills Its own Divine Plan through you!

That is why there is a Flame of each of the Seven Mighty Elohim in the brain structure of the physical body. That’s not placed there by accident. It’s placed there because It is Our Ascended Master Life Flame that has been through this World, is Master over it; I mean through not this particular World, but I mean a physical embodiment wherein the Master Powers of Life were unfolded and used to create Magnificent Manifestation.

And those are the Powers We used when We created a World or a System of Worlds.

Therefore, that Life is the Almighty Perfection of the Sacred Fire that always creates Perfection, and which cannot be used by imperfection. Therefore, there is no such thing as distortion or failure or desecration of any kind.

When Our Flame enfolds you, It controls everything in Perfect Balanced Action; and if mankind would only learn to use this and cooperate with Us, all the miscreation due to experimentation would be wholly unnecessary.”

Beloved Elohim Cassiopea

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