isis unveiled: xiii (alchemy)

“What Ibn Batuta, the Moor, saw in China about the year 1348, Colonel Yule shows Edward Melton, “an Anglo-Dutch traveler”, witnessing in Batavia about the year 1670: “One of the same gang” (of conjurers), says Melton, “took a small ball of cord, and grasping one end of the cord in his hand, slung the other up into the air with such force that its extremity was beyond reach of our sight.

He then climbed up the cord with indescribable swiftness. …I stood full of astonishment, not conceiving where he had disappeared; when lo, a leg came tumbling down out of the air. A moment later a hand came down, etc. …In short, all the members of the body came successively tumbling from the air and were cast together by the attendant into the basket.

The last fragment of all was the head, and no sooner had that touched the ground, than he who had snatched up all the limbs and put them in the basket, turned them all out again topsy turvy. Then straightway we saw with these eyes all those limbs creep together again, and in short, form a whole man, who at once could stand and go just as before without showing the least damage!

Never in my life was I so astonished…and I doubted now no longer that these misguided men did it by the help of the Devil.”

In the memoirs of the Emperor Jahangire, the performances of seven jugglers from Bengal, who exhibited before him, as thus described: “Ninth. They produced a man whom they divided limb from limb, actually severing his head from the body. They scattered these mutilated members along the ground, and in this state they lay some time.

They then extended a sheet over the spot, and one of the men putting himself under the sheet, in a few minutes came from below, followed by the individual supposed to have been cut into joints, in perfect health and condition…Twenty-third. They produced a chain of fifty cubits in length, and in my presence threw one end of it toward the sky, where it remained as if fastened to something in the air.

A dog was then brought forward and being placed at the lower end of the chain, immediately ran up, and reaching the other end, immediately disappeared in the air. In the same manner a hog, a panther, a lion, and a tiger were successively sent up the chain, and all equally disappeared at the upper end of the chain. At last they took down the chain, and all equally disappeared at the upper end of the chain.

At last they took down the chain, and put it into the bag, no one ever discovering in what way the different animals were made to vanish into the air in the mysterious manner above described.”

We have in our possession a picture painted from such a Persian conjurer, with a man, or rather the various limbs of what was a minute before a man, scattered before him. We have seen such conjurers, and witnessed such performances more than once and in various places.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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