understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Ones, remove from your consciousness tonight, remove from your mental and feeling world every concept of the past that you have to go through long periods of suffering in order to attain the Perfection of the Ascended Host! That thing has been, from a standpoint of outer world suggestion to mankind, imposed upon all the people of this World for centuries in so-called channels that ought to tell the people the Truth.

The Great God Presence of Life, the “Mighty I AM” in the Central Sun, the Great Presence of Love Supreme, the Great Presence of all Perfection and Boundless Power does not need suffering to teach you where the Perfection of Life is.

You cannot make that which is Perfect dependent upon evil; that is unthinkable! And therefore, no longer accept the nonsense of human hypnotic suggestion.

Take this which I give you tonight, and in all the feeling of love at your command to your “Presence” first, ask It to tell you the Truth upon the Cosmic Screen of Its Eternal Light in the Heart Flame of Its Love and show you the Truth you need to know, show you the way to stop trouble, show you how to annihilate the limitations and mistakes of the past, show you what your “Presence” wants you to have in the future, show you the Love from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, show you the Health and the Strength that belongs to you.

And then with love and gratitude in your Heart, reach up and accept It and know It is yours; bless your “I AM Presence”, bless every experience through which you have passed, but hold onto nothing that is of discord.

I am determined that these suggestions to mankind through the centuries under the guise of various channels of the outer world must roll back as a scroll from Life and release Life in unascended mankind to the realization of what the Love of God means to the Universe.

How can a God of Love want you to experience the discord of human viciousness in order to find the Light? It is absurd! It is a complete reversal of what ought to be.

If you want to know the Truth of any situation, demand It upon the Cosmic Screen of Eternal Light from the Heart Flame of your own “Presence” Love, and see for yourselves the Scepter of Power you may use.

You are not subject to the limitations of the race consciousness of mankind through the centuries. Suppose there has been an accumulation. Someone must forgive it. Someone must consume it. Someone must replace it by Perfection. And after all, what are limitations? As the Mighty Victory said, in one wave of His Hand, He could annihilate those limitations of God-knows-how-long standing.

If you believe what the Messenger decrees every night, for the Fiery Truth of the Victorious “Mighty I AM Presence” to go forth and annihilate every lie that has ever been told, annihilate the hypnotic control of the people, annihilate mankind’s mental confusion, annihilate human desire which is nothing but human selfishness and human creation; if you understand what is in that Decree and you will make this Call to the Heart Flame of your own “Mighty I AM Presence'” Eternal Love, Love cannot refuse you.

Love will not refuse you. Love will give you more than you dream exists, and Love will set you free from every limitation. It doesn’t make any difference who, when, where, or what built it; if it touches your world, you can be free when you take the Authority of your Life Stream and demand the Truth of that Perfection which is God’s Divine Plan for you.”

Beloved Elohim Arcturus

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