understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As the Mighty Victory told you – and imagine what must take place from the Higher Octaves when such a Miracle occurs in the physical – when He said to you: “I have taken a man in the gutter and in one wave of My Hand consumed that creation and raised that individual back into the Glory and the Victory of the Light of Freedom.” It is that Power which We want you to use while yet unascended.

You do not have to be completely Ascended in order to have the use of these Great Powers of Life that set your fellowman free. All you need to be free from the human is the Light and the Love of the Divine.

And the Love from your “Presence” is an actual Substance of Light. It isn’t just a feeling or just a wave of vibration.

The Radiation of the Love from the Heart of your “I AM Presence”, or from Us is an actual release of the Electronic Substance of Eternal Light. It is the Radiation or the tiny sparks, as it were, that are poured forth from the Great Flame of your own Individualized Focus of Life, which is the Eternal You from the Great Central Sun.

And therefore, when We speak to you of the Light of Our Love, or the Love of the Sacred Fire, or the Powers of that Sacred Fire, try to realize those are just as real and tangible as any physical thing you have in this room tonight.

Don’t struggle longer Precious Ones. Don’t fight through the outer world conditions, trying to find a little fragment of knowledge here, and a little fragment there, and a little assistance here, and a little assistance there, when in unconditional turning of your attention to your “Presence” when you want to know something, with love and the feeling of that love intensely from your Heart reaching up to enfold your “Presence”, you ask It to tell you the Truth of what you want to know in the Light of Its own Heart’s Flame, and make you know It unconditionally in the outer, you would not have to ask but a few times till your “Presence” would set you free from the limitation of the centuries.

That is what We have been driving at when We reminded the Student body again and again to be through with the struggle of human problems. And you can’t be through with the shadows unless you have the Light, and you cannot have the Light unless you have the Sacred Fire from whence It proceeds.

That Sacred Fire is the Eternal Life of the “Mighty I AM Presence” in the Central Sun. The Radiation of the Light is the Gift of Its Love and the Substance out of which the manifested world of form ever gives you of Itself.

So when you train the intellect to hold the Picture of Dazzling White Light before you, and still the feeling until your “Presence” shows you the Truth you want to know, it will not take long. You do not have to sit down for hours in order to accomplish this.

You ask for It, you keep the energy in the feeling world quiet and relaxed and at ease; and in the midst of something, with which as a rule you are not at all connected with what you want to know – in the midst of something else, when you least expect it, will come the full Flash of the Answer to your Call. And as soon as you keep the Door open continuously, it will answer you then instantly and show you the Picture at the same time.”

Beloved Elohim Arcturus

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