isis unveiled: xiii (alchemy)

“ALCHYMIST. Thou always speakest riddles. Tell me if thou art that fountain of which Bernard Lord Trevigan writ?

MERCURY. I am not that fountain, but I am the water. The fountain compasseth me about.” – SANDIVOGIUS, New Light of Alchymy.

All that we profess to do is this; to find out the secrets of the human frame, to know why the parts ossify and the blood stagnates, and to apply continual preventatives to the effects of time. This is not magic; it is the art of medicine rightly understood.” – BULWER-LYTTON.

“Lo, warrior! Now the cross of Red points to the grave of the mighty dead; within it burns a wondrous light, to chase the spirits that love the night. That lamp shall burn unquenchably until the eternal doom shall be.”

“No earthly flame blazed e’er so bright.” – SIR WALTER SCOTT

“There are persons whose minds would be incapable of appreciating the intellectual grandeur of the ancients, even in physical science, were they to receive the most complete demonstration of their profound learning and achievements. Notwithstanding the lesson of caution which more than one unexpected discovery has taught them, they still pursue their old plan of denying, and, what is still worse, of ridiculing that which they have no means of either proving of disproving.

So, for instance, they will pooh-pooh the idea of talismans having any efficacy one way or the other. That the seven spirits of the Apocalypse have direct relation to the seven occult powers in nature, appears incomprehensible and absurd to their feeble intellects; and the bare thought of a magician claiming to work wonders through certain kabalistic rites convulses them with laughter. Perceiving only a geometrical figure traced upon paper, a bit of metal, or other substance, they cannot imagine how any reasonable being should ascribe to either any occult potency.

But those who have taken the pains to inform themselves know that the ancients achieved as great discoveries in psychology as in physics, and that their explorations left few secrets to be discovered.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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