understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, do you remember what your Beloved Saint Germain said to you about the psychic realm? He said, “That is the main activity and sustaining energy of what We call the sinister force of the World. That is the accumulation of the energy of the anti-Christ.” Now, is there anything there you want?

Don’t let people fool you and tell you other things. We know! Unascended mankind does not! So long as people fool with the psychic forces, they’ll never attain the Ascension.

That is the main realm of the accumulated energy of all mankind’s emotional world, wherein is the filth of existence, wherein is the crime and the insane destruction of war.

Therefore, I come to bring you the Protection of the Sacred Fire, if you will use It. I plead, and I shall continue to plead until you are awakened so completely to the Power of That which I offer, that you never fail to use It.

As you go forward to any constructive accomplishment, you call for its Sacred Fire Cosmic Protection before you begin; you call for the Seven Mighty Elohim’s Sacred Fire Victory and Power of Its Perfection. You call for your “Beloved I AM Presence'” Divine Plan fulfilled, with that which you have the capacity to do, and to keep yourselves untouched by anything psychic, ever again in all Eternity!

If you will do this, you will go forward in leaps and bounds! You won’t know what interference is! You won’t know what lack is of any kind, and you will have Friends that you will never have until you do this!

So the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation have many Powers and Gifts to give you, and They are awaiting every opportunity. They offer without money and without price; and you cannot have any result from the Gifts They give except Perfection for Eternity, and Happiness you have sought so long and have not yet attained!”

Beloved Elohim Arcturus

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