isis unveiled: xii (forbidden ground)

“As to the statement found in medical books that there are frequent cases of inhumation while the subjects are but in a cataleptic state, and the persistent denials of specialists that such things happen, except very rarely, we have but to turn to the daily press of every country to find the horrid fact substantiated.

The Rev. H. R. Haweis, M.A., author of Ashes to Ashes, enumerates in his work, written in advocacy of cremation, some very distressing cases of premature burial. On page forty-six occurs the following dialogue:

“But do you know of many cases of premature burial?”

“Undoubtedly I do. I will not say that in our temperate climate they are frequent, but they do occur. Hardly a graveyard is opened but coffins are found containing bodies not only turned, but skeletons contorted in the last hopeless struggle for life underground. The turning may be due to some clumsy shaking of the coffin, but not contortion.”

After this he proceeds to give the following recent cases:

“At Bergerac (Dordogne, in 1842, the patient took a sleeping draught…but he woke not. …They bled him, and he woke not. …At last they declared him to be dead, and buried him. After a few days, remembering the sleeping draught, they opened the grave. The body had turned and struggled.”

“The Sunday Times, December 30, 1838, relates that at Tonneins, Lower Garonne, a man was buried, when an indistinct noise proceeded from the coffin; the reckless grave-digger fled. …The coffin was hauled up and burst open. A face stiffened in terror and despair, a torn winding-sheet, contorted limbs, told the sad truth – too late.”

“The Times, May, 1874, states that in August of 1873, a young lady died soon after her marriage. …Within a year the husband married again, and the mother of his first bride resolved to remove her daughter’s body to Marseilles. They opened the vault and found the poor girl’s body prostrate, her hair disheveled, her shroud torn to pieces.”

As we will have to refer to the subject once more in connection with Bible miracles, we will leave it for the present, and return to magical phenomena.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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