understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Mind of God, the “Beloved I AM Presence”, the Great Central Sun, and the Sacred Fire Source of all manifestation is ready to flood in and around you Its Boundless Blessings, Its Miracle Powers, Its Inspiration without limit, and Its Manifestations that have never yet come into outer existence anywhere.

That is why the Beloved Saint Germain in the beginning of this “I AM” Instruction said to you, if you would acknowledge “‘I AM’ the Great Creative Heart of God”, marvelous ideas would come to you and you would bring forth things that have never been brought forth before, because the Great Creative Mind of God is the Sacred Fire. It contains the Limitless Ideas of Eternity and is ever revealing more of Its Perfection into outer manifestation.

If you will draw this into your outer conditions – always with the awareness that whatever you produce is only Perfection, and that Perfection reveals the Love and the Glory and the Powers of God to glorify the Source that gives Them to you – My Dear Ones, you would make progress so rapidly, the Blessings that would flood your world would be indescribable, and you would go forward a century ahead of the rest of mankind!

When you demand that everything in your being and world be compelled to be constructive, be compelled to be Invincible against evil, be compelled to produce Perfection that makes all Life happy, glorifies the Universe, and bears witness to the Master Presence of your “Beloved I AM”, and to the “I AM Presence” in the Great Central Sun – when that is your constant thought, that is your constant Picture within, that is your constant Devotion to Life, every action you would perform in the outer life would produce Perfection for you, would lift you above the turmoil of the outer world, would give you such Supply as you do not even believe exists, and you couldn’t lack for a single thing! How could you?”

Beloved Elohim Arcturus

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