understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I wonder if you quite realize that the Messengers request not one thing that is not My Desire, My Wish, that will enable Me to do more and more for each one of you. I want to so much, and how long I have waited for this time! Sometimes, when from the appearance world it seemed it would be impossible, still, in knowing the appearance world had no power, has it arisen.

Won’t you do the same thing, each one in your own feeling world; and every time it feels resistance to the other, simply say, “Be silent!”, and see that it is silent – all human feelings. You will be so happy, and it will give Me the opportunity to do so much more which I longed to do but could not.

Today has been started that which I trust will help each one of you so quickly to attain complete self-control and mastery, and give completely into the Hands of your Higher Mental Body your entire desire world.

This has made Me so happy today; and do you realize, Precious Ones, that we are entering into this Shrine Class in the greatest harmony ever experienced so far! So, let this help all to enter into this great Activity with absolute, complete harmony in everyone, and give the opportunity for Life, the Great Ones, to do the fullest capacity everything They wish during this Class.

Beloved Ones, Our Work is accomplished for today. May I offer you My Thanks, My Praise, My Gratitude forever; and may you feel that freedom, that mastery, that self-control which is yours today and forever.

Be alert! Stand guard over your feeling world! The moment it tries to arouse any kind of resistance or disturbance, conquer it; and remember that firmness toward human qualities does not mean humanly dominating anyone.

Oh My Dear Ones, what a tremendous thing to be a part of drawing mankind’s attention to the “Mighty I AM”, the Presence of Life. Oh think of it! That alone would be the greatest Service on Earth.

I thank you for your love, your presence; and may all that has been started into action today continue its mighty work until you are lifted in the Arms of your “Presence”, unto your Eternal Freedom. Thank you and bless you, each one.

By the way, Najah wishes Me to convey her Love and Blessings to the Messengers and the Staff. You have no idea the Ascended Master’s Great Love when They see you arise in the Strength of your “Presence” and render this Service – never is there such rejoicing in the Octaves of Light as to see those on Earth nearing their Victory and Freedom.

Thank you, and good afternoon.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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