isis unveiled: xii (forbidden ground)

“To accept the Bible as a “revelation” and nail belief to a literal translation, is worse than absurdity – it is a blasphemy against the Divine majesty of the “Unseen”. If we had to judge of the Deity, and the world of spirits, by its human interpreters, now that philology proceeds with giant-strides on the field of comparative religions, belief in God and the soul’s immortality could not withstand the attacks of reason for one century more.

That which supports the faith of man in God and a spiritual life to come is intuition; that divine outcome of our inner-self, which defies the mummeries of the Roman Catholic priest, and his ridiculous idols; the thousand and one ceremonies of the Brahman and his idols; and the jeremiads of the Protestant preacher, and his desolate and arid creed, with no idols, but a boundless hell and damnation hooked on at the end.

Were it not for this intuition, undying though often wavering because so clogged with matter, human life would be a parody and humanity a fraud. This ineradicable feeling of the presence of some one outside and inside ourselves is one that no dogmatic contradictions, nor external form of worship can destroy in humanity, let scientists and clergy do what they may.

Moved by such thoughts of the boundlessness and impersonality of the Deity, Gautama-Buddha, the Hindu Christ, exclaimed: “As the four rivers which fall in the Ganges lose their names as soon as they mingle their waters with the holy river, so all who believe in Buddha cease to be Brahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras!”

H. P. Blavatsky

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