isis unveiled : xii (forbidden ground)

“You never hear the really philosophical defenders of the doctrine of uniformity speaking of impossibilities in nature. They never say what they are constantly charged with saying, that it is impossible for the Builder of the universe to alter his work. …No theory upsets them (the English clergy). …Let the most destructive hypothesis be stated only in the language current among gentlemen, and they look it in the face.” – TYNDALL: Lecture on the Scientific Use of the Imagination.

“The world will have a religion of some kind, even though it should fly for it to the intellectual whoredom of Spiritualism.” – TYNDALL: Fragments of Science.

“But first on earth as vampires sent; Thy corpse shall from its tomb be rent…And suck the blood of all thy race.” – LORD BYRON: Giaour

“We are now approaching the hallowed precincts of that Janus-god – the molecular Tyndall. Let us enter them barefoot. As we pass the sacred adyta of the temple of learning, we are nearing the blazing sun of the Huxleyo-centric system. Let us cast down our eyes, lest we be blinded.

We have discussed the various matters contained in this book, with such moderation as we could command in view of the attitude which the scientific and theological world have maintained for centuries toward those from whom they have inherited the broad foundations of all the actual knowledge which they possess.

When we stand at one side, and, as a spectator, see how much the ancients knew, and how much the moderns think they know, we are amazed that the unfairness of our contemporary schoolmen should pass undetected.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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