understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    When can I have the mother of pearl harp in the outer?

Saint Germain:    Well, you know the urgent need of the day is the most important thing now. After the Victory is won, then we can have lots of good times. Oh yes, I think you will be quite satisfied with all that will occur; but in the meantime, just go on in this great Service with a Heart full of rejoicing.

Oh, don’t take the appearance world too seriously; only keep up your dynamic Application, knowing these appearances in the outer world have no power. With firm, powerful determination go on in that Service.

In order that your attention may be upon it, I trust that I will be able to cause to be done something very gratifying and far-reaching through the Exposition in New York, as well as San Francisco. Between the two We should be able to do a great deal in calling the attention of mankind to the Great “Presence”.

Again I thank you. I must say goodnight, and all the Love and Blessings enfold you.

I call forth the Mighty Power of your own “Presence” through each one’s Higher Mental Body to give you such Happiness, and the full, great calm Mastery and Feeling and Confidence of your Calls to release that Power of Light that gives you the Perfect Ease and Rest in the Victory over whatever confronts you in any way; and that the Glory of the Light, going forth from you, is the Victory, the Harmony, and the Dominion in your world.

The Beloved Masters Rex and Bob, Nada and Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Rayborn, David Lloyd, Beloved Jesus, Nada, the Great Divine Director, Mighty Astrea, Victory, the Goddess of Liberty, the Queen of Light, and Oromasis all send Their very great Love and Blessings to you.

Know that you are never out of Their Consciousness, that you may feel the full Force of the Blessing from each one of Them.

Good night.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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