understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:    I want to tell you, Blessed Ones, you would scarcely believe it, but in the Heart of everyone who has viciously opposed the Messengers, they have their respect; for they know even in their viciousness what the Messengers have stood up against, and have won that Victory; and there is not an ordinary activity of individuals in the world’s walk of life that is anything in comparison.

Therefore, rejoice, oh, with all your Hearts. Take advantage of the opportunity, and make it bear such fruit that your garden will be filled with the Jewels from the Treasure-house of your “Presence” in all Its Rainbow Rays, and your Castle of Light decorated by the Rainbow Rays directed by your Higher Mental Body.

As you saw the diamond under the central dome in the capitol in Cuba, how tiny that is in comparison with the Jewels within your own Homes of Light which you enjoy during sleep. Then you would say, “Well, why can’t I bring back the memory of that?”

Victory is to him whose patience is sustained! I thank you for your love and kindness.

Question:    Are any of the Students to make their Ascension before the great change comes, or are we to be here in the physical octave to help the others?

Saint Germain:    Well, that really would not be a consideration. It all depends upon the expansion of the Light within. When that is ready, the Light knows no opposition and It claims Its own. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to know that there is no opposition to that Light, and that when your Light has expanded enough, the Light claims Its own? Nothing in the world can stop It!

Oh just go on and on, Beloved Ones, happy and joyous in all that is gained thus far and all that is to be gained.

Remember, you have won more in this embodiment than many others to come, so that is much to be rejoiced about; and if Old Man Gloom looks your way, just tromp on him.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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