understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:    Before we close I want to draw forth this:

Mighty Power of the Cosmic Light! Come forth in this city! Take Thy Dominion, produce Thy Perfection in the preparation for the Class Work, in the Class Work, in the Presidential chair, in all official places in this city, in all governmental activities.

Mighty Power of Light! Take Your Dominion now! Clothe each individual in the Power of Light that compels Divine Justice, which glorifies Thyself, “Mighty I AM Presence”, through the Higher Mental Body in Thy Perfect Action, Thy Dominion of the Light!

Charge into this city Thy Mighty Perfecting Activity of Light in Its Limitless, Eternal Activity! Charge It forth sustained!

Mighty Astrea, send Thy Legions of Blue Lightning to seize and bind every entity in this city. Take them into the Octave of Light, and take out every spiritualists medium in this city – every entity. Send It forth now, and take them away from those mediums. Hold such a Circle of Blue Flame around them, that no longer can they come near.

Take command of _________;  put such a Circle of Blue Flame around him that his whole human creation is dissolved, and that he awakens into the Light; and all these mediums that have gathered here, make them powerless to act any further. Make them feel the Power of their own “Presence” until they turn their attention to It and know that It is Real, and all desire for spirits disappears from their feeling world, and they are cut free now, this hour!

Charge forth and glorify this city as the City of Blazing Light! Great Powers of Light, draw Thy Mighty Power of the Unfed Flame, and if necessary make It Visible here, that all the world may bow before It and give obedience.

Take command of all officials, and produce the necessary aerial Protection that is available for the shores of our Country, if need be. Charge It forth in all official places! Make them understand, feel , and realize that this is a vital, important thing now!

We give praise and thanks that the Light is Its Dominion in America, in Washington, in New York, in Los Angeles, and that those fiendish communistic agitators are wiped from the face of the Earth forever. We thank Thee it is done.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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