understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you realize, Precious Ones, you are like beings of a Sacred, Charmed Life; and you become more and more that Great Charmed Life in which a word spoken in the Name of the “Presence” will release Its Powers into Action. Do you realize that it was right in this city where Mrs. Rayborn came forth in Her Tangible Body, and it was right here in this city where I answered the reporters at the door in person? Therefore, as the children say in their play, “You are getting warmer and warmer.”

Question:    Was it in this hotel that You answered the reporters?

Saint Germain:    Are you not getting a little inquisitive?  Do you feel that Light within as never before in your life experience – that Light within you that holds Its Dominion.

Remember, you are clothed with the Armor of Lightning, with the Sword of Blue Flame in your hands; you are shod with the Diamond-tipped Sandals to fill all your outer demands. You are clothed with the Light of Perfection, with Its Radiance growing more intense. It is the Light of Eternity that is your Eternal Defense. Please feel that!

Do you think for a moment that any kind of human creation would look in the direction of one clothed with the Lightning, with the Armor of Lightning? What does lightning do? It flashes forth its power with a rhythmic activity, does it not?

Therefore, if you are aware that you are clothed with the Armor of Lightning, it means flashing!

Flashing is that Mighty Radiance from your being, into which no discordant thing could ever penetrate; and as soon as you become aware of that, whether waking or sleeping, then as you go forth from the body you would be clothed in your natural Armor, which in your human form you must call forth into action. Then as you go forth in your Armor of Light, you would always be Victorious.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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