understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Rejoice, Beloved Ones, tonight as never before in your precious lives. We are rejoicing too, for in the conditions that threatened at the beginning of the Cleveland Class, to see they have vanished today is a marvel of the ages.

I cannot go into the detail tonight to explain to you all of this, but just enough that you may know that some of the very drastic things threatening even in your government, as well as in your Class Work, have been dissolved completely.

I am sure you will find a Power, and people will feel a Power in this Class that will silence the human.

Little does mankind realize, and I hope – you see, I am very hopeful; you may have noticed that. Do you really know what that means when I say to you, “I hope”? Do you know that is a signal to you to help?

May I remind you that you have two good Friends in the Ascended State who, before their Ascension, acquired the knowledge of the Elixir of Life? That is no myth, believe it or not.

Do you realize what it means to have very powerful Friends? Do you realize that the Great Divine Director has on His “working clothes”? When I saw Him let loose last night, I tell you, My Joy knew no bounds; for I know Him very well, and when I saw that Power begin to release, I knew that He meant business.

With your continued increasing harmony in your midst, I do congratulate you sincerely for being willing to give the needed obedience, because without it no permanent thing can be gained; but in this obedience it makes so much possible.

May I make it a little stronger even tonight in causing you to feel your responsibility to the world? If any one of you creates inharmony, either in yourselves or those under this Radiation, then you would be responsible for the failure of the fullness of accomplishment that would otherwise be here; but since I am sure you are strong enough to know this, rejoice with all your Hearts in your ability to serve in this great capacity.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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