understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:   I want to tell you, surely you must see that this Activity at the Shrine, when that Great Cosmic Light exploded there and did this tremendous thing – you see the evidence before you. Well, if that would do that, then what would ten-times-that-released do in addition to it?

That was a permanent thing gained. Those things do not have to be repeated. Whatever is gained by that particular Release will hold its own, because the Light holds Its own. That Cosmic Light-Substance is here to stay. Absolutely! If only the blessed Students would believe what I say to them and ask them to do!

You will probably remember in the Shrine Class when I first began to give the idea and use of Our Consciousness – why, My Dear Ones, if you realized once what that means! That is the Consciousness that knows the Victory. That is the Victory of all We have attained. That is the Feeling of Victory.

You see, it is all that is contained in the feeling of accomplishment. The intellect – I mean the thought form of it and the whole achievement is there in the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness; and if one would realize it, you can call that forth into use because We have given permission for it.

Why, transformations inconceivable would take place as surely as one did it earnestly; but in all you do, if there is not the full feeling of enthusiasm and earnestness, just wait for a few moments until you gather that. If you are just doing it from the intellect, it is only a small part of the result desired because the intellect is not the thing that does it.

It is very splendid – because if you are exhausting yourself from Application, it is from the intellect, and you have gained no particular achievement.

Question:   Is this same thing true of prayer?

Saint Germain:   Yes. Prayer was even worse, because oh my, my, my, so few prayers were anything but just the lips. Oh, it is only where some great crisis or emergency was, that prayer was put forth with dynamic feeling. Then it was always answered.

I venture that ninety-five percent of all prayers were just lip service, because you see, the human when it becomes accustomed to a thing begins to parrot, almost without exception.

You saw the magnificent difference in San Francisco when you stepped up the Decrees and began to get enthusiasm into the energy. To Me that is a magnificent example to all the Students forever who were present, because there was not one in that room that did not feel the relaxation and rest.

It is the same thing in the singing. If you let down below a certain tempo, it is like dragging you downhill. The same way with the Decrees; when they reach a certain rapidity of activity, that passes that balance into the dynamic, constructive Work.

I would suggest in the future that in your Decrees and singing, if they are not keeping up the tempo enough, stop right there and explain to them they will have to step it up, and you will get results.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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