understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain (cont.):   I ask you all, think for a moment – why is it that when you don’t know the source of a thing, that many times your Application does not reach it? Now will you answer Me that?

Mrs. Ballard:   Confusion in our own feelings?

Saint Germain:   Well, that is almost it.

Mrs. Ballard:   Your attention is on the wrong thing. With the attention on the “Presence”, and quiet in the feelings, you would automatically know.

Saint Germain:   Yes, but the word that covers the principle activity – you don’t know that outwardly perhaps, but is the lack of assurance in your feeling. When you know definitely the source of a thing, the feeling releases.

But you see, when you are not quite sure of a thing, there is not the full release of the dynamic power that comes with your assurance in knowing the source of a thing. There is not the force, because when a thing is direct it requires force.

That is why dynamic Application released is a force of Self-Luminous, Intelligent Substance that annihilates it right then.

That is the reason why you can stop a thing instantly, because as a rule the minute you find the source of a thing, you have finished it right then because your whole power is directed upon the objective, or that which is generating it.

You see the simplicity and the majesty of these things? It is just marvelous.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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