isis unveiled: chapter x (outside the walls…)

“”The prodigy of repercussion”, says des Mousseaux, “occurs when a blow aimed at the spirit, visible or otherwise, of an absent living person, or at the phantom which represents him, strikes the person himself, at the same time, and in the very place at which the spectre or his double is touched!

We must suppose, therefore, that the blow is repercussed, and that it reaches, as if rebounding, from the image of the living person – his phantasmal duplicate – the original, wherever he may be, in flesh and blood.

Thus, for instance, an individual appears before me, or, remaining invisible, declares war, threatens, and causes me to be threatened with obsession. I strike at the place where I perceive his phantom, where I hear his moving, where I feel somebody, something which molests and resists me. I strike; the blood will appear sometimes on this place, and occasionally a scream may be heard; he is wounded – perhaps, dead! It is done and I have explained the fact.”

“Notwithstanding that, at the moment I struck him, his presence in another place is authentically proved; …I saw – yes, I saw plainly the phantom hurt upon the cheek or shoulder, and this same wound is found precisely on the living person, repercussed upon his cheek or shoulder. Thus it becomes evident that the facts of repercussion have an intimate connection with those of bi-location or duplication, either spiritual or corporeal.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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