understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mrs. Ballard:   I hope someday we can repay You for the Light which you have brought.

Saint Germain:   Oh, Beloved Ones, the only pay that I ever want is your Victory! That will be the greatest Treasure to Me in all of the world. Oh, can’t you feel, Beloved Ones, how great is My Love for you? I would do anything in My Power to help you win the Victory quickly. You must feel how dear you are to Me.

Oh, the great Rejoicing of the Higher Mental Body of each one of you – oh, Dear Ones, if you could see that. Sometimes that Rejoicing is so extremely great.

Remember, your Higher Mental Body has known all through the centuries, and waited and waited and waited; and now when It sees that closeness of the Victory, oh, what a wonderful thing.

I say to you, all of you, please do not be discouraged if sometimes some little thing intrudes for a few hours; but you will always find now that if you begin to reach out and ask the “Presence” to show you the source of that disturbance, you will always be able to locate it quickly and dismiss it.

I would suggest this: that any time anyone finds something disturbing, they just stop everything for a few moments. Sit down in your chair and be quiet. Be still enough, and ask the “Presence” to make you feel and know the source of it; then you can easily stop it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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