understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:   Shall I tell you that since the writing of this radio activity presented tonight, the Discourse, I find I am able to give you much greater Assistance?

Mrs. Ballard:   I felt You strongly tonight and during the transcribing – more than I have for some days.

Saint Germain:   I have accomplished all I can for the present for certain conditions in Europe, and I shall be hovering very closely in this Class. So when you have time or make effort at any of the Work, I shall endeavor to give you such calm Concentration and Assistance that It will make it very rapid and easy for that which you wish to do.

Mrs. Ballard:   Shall we get those three Outlines ready first, before we get the Magazine out?

Saint Germain:   I think I would, before the next Book; but I would go ahead and get the next Magazine ready as fast as you can, so as to try – Charles Sindelar, bless his Heart, really, he is deserving now of as much as possible – to get the material to him on time. He has been willing to work night and day, so I think now I would try and set other things aside and get that Magazine copy out to him as early as possible. Then as soon as you can, get those three Outlines ready.

The human is a very curious thing. If it is expecting something, it is like it hangs up in the air until the thing is in their hands, They would not settle down and go on as long as they are expecting something, whereas if they would settle down, they might get it sooner.

I smile to myself so many times when the various individuals are decreeing to Me and decreeing for the Messengers to be there, when they know already that they are booked; still, they keep on decreeing for them to appear at a certain time.

Well, bless their Hearts, while they are doing that, at least they are out of mischief; at least it keeps them out of the outer world!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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