isis unveiled: chapter x (outside the walls…)

“”Shut the door in the face of the daemon”, says the Kabala, “and he will keep running away from you, as if you pursued him”, which means, that you must not give a hold on you to such spirits of obsession by attracting them into an atmosphere of congenial sin.

These daemons seek to introduce themselves into the bodies of the simple-minded idiots, and remain there until dislodged therefrom by a powerful and pure will.

Jesus, Appolonius, and some of the apostles, had the power to cast out devils, by purifying the atmosphere within and without the patient, so as to force the unwelcome tenant to flight.

Certain volatile salts are particularly obnoxious to them; and the effect of the chemicals used in a saucer, and placed under the bed by Mr. Varley, of London, for the purpose of keeping away some disagreeable physical phenomena at night, are corroborative of this great truth.

Pure or even simply inoffensive human spirits fear nothing, for having rid themselves of terrestrial matter, terrestrial compounds can affect them in no wise; such spirits are like a breath. Not so with the earth-bound souls and the nature-spirits.

It is for these carnal terrestrial larvae, degraded human spirits, that the ancient kabalists entertained a hope of reincarnation. But when, or how? At a fitting moment, and if helped by a sincere desire for his amendment and repentance by some strong, sympathizing person, or the will of an adept, or even a desire emanating from the erring spirit himself, provided it is powerful enough to make him throw off the burden of sinful matter.

Losing all consciousness, the once bright monad is caught once more into the vortex of our terrestrial evolution, and it repasses the subordinate kingdoms, and again breathes as a living child.

To compute the time necessary for the completion of this process would be impossible. Since there is no perception of time in eternity, the attempt would be a mere waste of labor.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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