understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen of the Light, words fail utterly to convey to you My Gratitude for your loyalty to the Light! You know in your Hearts this Light is Real, that It is True, that the Messengers are honest, sincere, and true! Therefore, I say to you, we have now come to the time when every Student who is sincere must prove his or her loyalty and sincerity by action.

We have been very lenient so far; but when individuals are vicious for no reason at all except to try to turn sincere people from this Light, then more than ordinary action must take place!

So, I leave it to you to do whatever is necessary to silence vicious, poisonous gossip in your midst! Remember, your strength and fearlessness is within the Light which beats your Hearts.

My Service to America for two hundred years shall not be in vain because of a few vicious individuals. I dismiss people because there is no hope; when I have given them the opportunity, and they go on spreading their viciousness, then that hope has ceased there, too.

So I say to you today, Gentlemen, upon every “I AM” Student in America is resting the responsibility of the Freedom of America! I shall not allow these Messengers to carry that responsibility alone any longer!

Therefore, thanks to your great Love and Light, as I have seen your great release of Divine Love to these Blessed Messengers and those who are assisting. My Dear Ones, it is a miracle, so-called, of Earth.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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