isis unveiled: chapter X (outside the walls…)

“If we now compare this doctrine with the speculations of science, which comes to a full stop at the Borderland of the unknown, and, while incompetent to solve the mystery, will allow no one else to speculate upon the subject; or, with the great theological dogma, that the world was called into existence by a heavenly trick of prestidigitation; we do not hesitate to believe that, in the absence of better proof, the Hermetic doctrine is by far the more reasonable, highly metaphysical as it may appear.

The universe is there, and we know that we exist; but how did it come and how did we appear in it?

Denied an answer by the representatives of physical learning, and excommunicated and anathematized for our blasphemous curiosity by the spiritual usurpers, what can we do, but turn for information to the sages who meditated upon the subject ages before the molecules of our philosophers aggregated in ethereal space?

This visible universe of spirit and matter, they say, is but the concrete image of the ideal abstraction; it was built on the model of the first divine IDEA.

Thus our universe existed from eternity in a latent state. The soul animating this purely spiritual universe is the central sun, the highest deity itself. It was not himself who built the concrete form of his idea, but his first-begotten; and it was constructed on the geometrical figure of the dodecahedron, the first-begotten “was pleased to employ twelve thousand years in its creation.”

The latter number is expressed in the Tyrrhenian cosmogony, which shows man created in the sixth millennium. This agrees with the Egyptian theory of 6,000 “years”, and with the Hebrew computation.

Sanchoniathon, in his Cosmogony, declares that when the wind (spirit) became enamored of its own principles (the chaos), an intimate union took place, which connection was called pothos, and from this sprang the seed of all. And the chaos knew not its own production, for it was senseless; but from its embrace with the wind was generated mot, or the ilus (mud).

From this proceeded the spores of creation and the generation of the universe.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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