isis unveiled: chapter X (outside the walls…)

“ΤΕΣ δε γαρ εκ τριαδος παν πνευμα πατερ εκερασε. – TAY.: Lyd. de Mens., 20.

“The more powerful souls perceive truth through themselves, and are of a more inventive nature. Such souls are saved through their own strength, according to the oracle.” – PROCLUS in I Alc.

“Since the soul perpetually runs and passes through all things in a certain space of time, which being performed, it is presently compelled to run back again through all things, and unfold the same web of generation in the world…for as often as the same causes return, the same effects will in like manner be returned.” – FICIN. de lm. An., 129, Chaldean Oracles.

“If not to some peculiar end assign’d, Study’s the specious trifling of the mind.” – YOUNG.

From the moment when the foetal embryo is formed until the old man, gasping his last, drops into the grave, neither beginning nor the end is understood by scholastic science; all before is a blank, all after us chaos. For it there is no evidence as to the relations between spirit, soul, and body, either before or after death. The mere life-principle itself presents an unsolvable enigma, upon the study of which materialism has vainly exhausted its intellectual powers.

In the presence of a corpse the skeptical physiologist stands dumb when asked by his pupil whence came the former tenant of that empty box, and whither it has gone.

The pupil must either, like his master, rest satisfied with the explanation that protoplasm made the man, and force vitalized and will now consume his body, or he must go outside the walls of his college and the books of its library to find an explanation of the mystery.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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