understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, the appearance world, Friends of America and Gentlemen, is not real. It only has power to affect mankind through their attention held upon it. But I want you, Friends of America who are listening today, to understand that not one discordant thing can reach you except through the power of your vision, your physical eyesight, or the power of your attention.

When your attention is upon a thing, you are feeding your Life energy into it, by which that quality, if it is discordant, comes back and finds action in your world.

This one point alone, if mankind would understand and govern it, would shut the appearance world out of their world of action so completely that there would not be one single thing left to harass, limit, or disturb them.

Therefore, today I wish to anchor within your feeling world, Gentlemen and Friends of America, such a Power of Action that you will not lose sight of this: that the only reason you find yourselves in limitations today, financially or otherwise, is because you have given power to the appearance world that says to you and your physical body, “You are limited.”

Even though you have made the mistakes that have caused that appearance to temporarily hold its dominion, yet it has no dominion in this Understanding of Life which I am presenting to you now in these Words.

Your attention taken off that appearance will cause it to dissolve and disappear, because it has not your Life to feed upon to sustain it.

Therefore Gentlemen, I say to you, be firm and unyielding to this. Do not let your attention be held upon limiting, discordant things that deprive you of the fullness of the action of Life at your Call to dissolve and consume and release you forever from these conditions.

It is absolutely definite! It is sure to perform these certain results if you will not let your attention resting on discord be the governing power to act in your world.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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