understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now I want to say a few direct Words to the Minute Men; Friends of America, will you kindly listen and utilize it as best you can. In the full glory of those who have gained a certain amount of understanding in this Work, and have come to the point and the conclusion in Life that whatever they have achieved thus far is but a fragment of what stands immediately before them;

in all that Assistance that has been given within the past three months in the clearing, cleansing, and purifying of the feeling world of the Student Body – only if you saw from Our Octave of Life could you understand how great it has been and how in many individuals it has been almost complete.

With your sustaining power in your Call to Life, it will soon be complete; and you will find the remainder who have not felt that complete release will find it with very great speed, because it is being done.

That which has been the feeder of this discord and the human accumulation and discordant creation, has been removed from America and will not act again. The accumulation of the substance that has been the pressure upon mankind has been dissolved and consumed, so that it cannot find action.

Therefore, mankind is already released from at least two-thirds, and in many instances at least four-fifths of the pressure that has been pressing them down and making them feel their inability to cope with the conditions of Life, the appearance world that confronted them.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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