understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Friends of America, whether it be your business activity or whether it be in the fuller understanding of Life, remember that all proof in the entire World that must come to you, must come through yourself so far as you and your individual world is concerned.

You might see miracles so-called, performed; but it does you not one particle of good unless you have performed that so-called miracle yourself, or called the “Presence and Power of Life” into action to do that through you. Then you have the proof that no human being in the World can ever take away from you.

If you see something performed, you might believe it for the time being and it might all be true; but when you are away from it and you begin again to feel the human pressure upon you, you will doubt its existence, no matter how true it was.

That is why in My calling the attention of the Great Student Body to the “Great Presence of Life”, so many have called for My Visible, Tangible Presence – and I do often move among mankind in My Own Tangible Presence, as tangible as a physical body of anyone – still, in the Student Body a definite activity has been established;

and if I were to come forth in the Tangible Body, Visible to all, they would soon begin to leap upon Me as the wholly Guiding, Directing Intelligence instead of calling to their “Presence of Life” for the solution of the conditions, which makes them the Victory, and which brings through them the entire proof of the immanent Powers of Life.

Therefore, you Friends of America who are listening today, will you understand that and will you see why?

In time, the Ascended Masters will come forth in Their Tangible Bodies; but until the mass of mankind have had enough proof through themselves that they know the Law of Life is true, We are not very apt to come forth – maybe at slight intervals – until mankind have this proof themselves.

There is no thing so important today as mankind seeing, feeling, and having released through themselves this Infinite Proof of the Power of Life to bring Its Perfection into action in themselves and their worlds.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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