understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How I thank you for this opportunity to speak to you directly. Since My Efforts are less required in Europe just at present, I shall hope to find the opportunity to rain upon you the Golden Snow of Divine Essence, so that each day you may absorb Its Beauty and Perfection. Ladies, I trust in another six months you will not require cosmetics (Applause); but if you still should, feel no embarrassment.

I want you to feel the great Joy in My Heart tonight, and My Thanks and Praise to you that the Light has been strong enough within you to hold Its Victory in Its ever-expanding Activity there. Oh, Beloved Ones, feel My Hand in yours, and let the Great Light Rays cut you free from everything that has ever disturbed or limited you.

I am observing tonight whether it is possible to say certain things to you. May I leave with you this Picture tonight?

You will remember the Cosmic Door that the Goddess of Light opened at the Recital in Chicago. Every earnest, sincere one of you will enter through that Door tonight. (Applause)

The greatest Reception ever known since It was established there, will be at the Royal Teton tonight. It will begin at ten o’clock and last until seven o’clock in the morning. (Applause)

A great number of the Students will visit there tonight – some in their Higher Mental Bodies, some in their etheric bodies – and they will receive the Blessings. Many will continue on to the Retreat in Arabia and to Chananda’s Home in India before their return at seven o’clock in the morning. (Applause)

When you come to feel, understand, and accept these Mighty Activities the same as you go to your business office of the day, then you will retain the consciousness of many more of them.

You have magnificent experiences while the body sleeps at night, while you are out in the Higher Mental Body rendering the Service that is required at this time. You would be surprised if you knew how many of you are rendering that Great Service.

Oh, you know Me quite well – you might not for the moment remember it, but you do! You know Me quite well and you have shaken My Hands many, many times. So we are not strangers, and tonight I want you to feel that definitely. We are old, old friends. (Applause)

I thank you tonight with all the Power of Light and enfold you in Its Presence. Escorts will be standing ready, as you put your bodies to sleep, to escort you to the Royal Teton, to the Greatest Conclave ever held in America.

I thank you so much. (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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