isis unveiled: chapter IX (as above, so below…)

“”It appears that to manifest itself the cerebral electricity requires the help of the ordinary statical electricity; when the latter is lacking in the atmosphere – when the air is very damp, for instance – you can get little or nothing of either tables or mediums….

There is no need for the ideas to be formulated very precisely in the brains of the persons present; the table discovers and formulates them itself, in either prose or verse, but always correctly; the table requires the time to compose a verse; it begins, then it erases a word, corrects it, and sometimes sends back the epigram to our address…if the persons present are in sympathy with each other, it jokes and laughs with us as any living person could.

As to the things of the exterior world, it has to content itself with conjectures, as well as ourselves; it (the table) composes little philosophical systems, discusses and maintains them as the most cunning rhetorician might. In short, it creates itself a conscience and a reason properly belonging to itself, but with the materials it finds in us….

The Americans are persuaded that they talk with their dead; some think (more truly) that these are spirits; others take them for angels; others again for devils…(the intelligence) assuming the shape which fits the conviction and preconceived opinion of every one; so did the initiates of the temples of Serapis, of Delphi, and other theurgico-medical establishments of the same kind. They were convinced beforehand that they would communicate with their gods; and they never failed.

We, who well know the value of the phenomenon…are perfectly sure that after having charged the table with our magnetic efflux, we have called to life, or created an intelligence analogous to our own, which like ourselves is endowed with a free will, can talk and discuss with us, with a degree of superiority lucidity, considering that the resultant is stronger than the individual, or rather the whole is larger than a part of it….””

H. P. Blavatsky

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