isis unveiled: chapter IX (as above, so below…)

“According to Aristotle’s doctrine, there are three principles of natural bodies: privation, matter, and form. These may be applied in this particular case.

The privation of the child which is to be we will locate in the invisible mind of the great Architect of the Universe – privation not being considered in the Aristotelic philosophy as a principle in the composition of bodies, but as an external property in their production; for the production is a change by which the matter passes from the shape it has not, to that which it assumes.

Though the privation of the unborn child’s form, as well as of the future form of the unmade watch, is that which is neither substance nor extension nor quality as yet, nor any kind of existence, it is still something which is, though its outlines, in order to be, must acquire an objective form – the abstract must become concrete, in short.

Thus, as soon as this privation of matter is transmitted by energy to universal ether, it becomes a material form, however sublimated.

If modern science teaches that human thought “affects the matter of another universe simultaneously with this”, how can he who believes in an Intelligent First Cause, deny that the divine thought is equally transmitted, by the same law of energy, to our common mediator, the universal ether – the world-soul?

And, if so, then it must follow that once there the divine thought manifests itself objectively, energy faithfully reproducing the outlines of that whose “privation” was first born in the divine mind.

Only it must not be understood that this thought creates matter. No, it creates but the design for the future form; the matter which serves to make this design having always been in existence, and having been prepared to form a human body, through a series of progressive transformations, as the result of evolution.

Forms pass; ideas that created them and the material which gave them objectiveness, remain.

These models, as yet devoid of immortal spirits, are “elementals” – properly speaking, psychic embryos – which, when their time arrives, die out of the invisible world, and are born into this visible one as human infants, receiving in transitu that divine breath called spirit which completes the perfect man. This class cannot communicate objectively with men.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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