understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I know your Hearts are so good. I know your desire is for the Light, is for the Perfection of Life. You who now begin to understand, must be the vanguard of that which is to follow. You must be strong in your determination, and you must be so advised in this which I have given you, that you can answer by Our Words.

Then no one can argue with you; no one will want to deny the Truth that you speak. If you try to do it humanly, then you will find yourself in arguments; but when an argument starts, stop and walk away if necessary. Do not waste your energy in argument, ever. It does no good and often causes antagonism that lives for years.

When you speak of this Light to people, if they ask you about it, say, “Very well, I will give you the best I can; but remember, we do not argue the question.”

This good Messenger took that stand from His earliest experience, and he has never argued with a human being and never will because nothing comes from it but disorder.

If you will call the Radiance from your “Presence”, people will inquire about what they feel; and then in that kindly Radiance of the Power from your “Presence”, they will listen. That is the proper attitude to take in the dispensing of this Light to people.

Therefore I thank you, Gentlemen, with all My Heart. My Love and Blessings pour out to you, and My Substance pours out to you to give you your Blessing.

May I hold your hand until the Victory of the Light finds Its full Victory in America, and you become the vanguard and have for your Eternal Friends, the Ascended Masters of Light!

I thank you.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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