understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, My Love is very great for you. Having gone through the human experiences, I know what mankind experience. I know what is in your Hearts. I know how your Hearts have called for that Strength and Freedom over these desires; and if you will allow Me, I will help you to be free from them.

Don’t make any mistake – I am not limited. I can project a Light Ray to every one of you or all the Students in America at once, and give the Assistance they require. That is where the limitless Power of Light comes in.

Therefore, all of these Great Ones are standing ready to give you Their Assistance if you are willing to give the obedience required – not to Them, but to your Life. All you can ever know, all that you can ever use in this Universe is just your own Life.

I want you to see how practical that is – the most practical thing in the Universe.

We never talk about anything else but your Life, Its use, Its Application. Since mankind have not been free, then there was something missing, and that was their Application of Life.

It has been so difficult for mankind to believe that they had any real part – that God had to do through them what God would do for them. That is one mistake of mankind throughout the centuries. They have believed God would do for them – in spite of themselves – what God could do through them.

That is where your Call comes in, Gentlemen. You have to make your Call with a firm, unyielding determination. Stand for the Perfection of Life, or you will not have it.

That is why the great Blessing is before you without limit. Your success can reach any achievement in the way you wish, and in and through a wholly constructive activity; but you cannot have it unless you will give obedience to that Life which is the producer.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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