understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I ask you to look at these Messengers, Who, seven years ago – even five years ago – were in the same position the mass of mankind is in today; and because of their willing obedience to Me, They have been raised into Their Freedom. That is no imagination, that is real. I can do the same for every one of you with that same determination and obedience that They were willing to give. That is what obedience to Life means.

They ask nothing – We ask nothing but your obedience to Life; and everyone, some day, somewhere, has to give it.

Of course remember, you have entered a period never known in the history of this Earth before. You have entered a period where the Great Cosmic Light has said to mankind, “You must wake up.”

That is a Command that cannot be denied by any human being on Earth! Either they give obedience or go down under the outer pressure. It is a matter of choice today, and you still have that choice.

Therefore, you as the Minute Men representing Myself, remember, never do anything that I would not do in honor, integrity, or moral standard; then you will feel and you will have My Strength and Energy to sustain you, and that of all the Ascended Masters Who are so gladly and willingly pouring forth Their Mighty Power and Blessing to you.

You stand today on threshold of Infinite Perfection, Gentlemen; and there is not one of you in this room – it doesn’t make any difference how many years are over your head – who could not restore himself to youth, vitality, strength, and power if you only would. But it would mean, at first, very great determination until you surmounted the charged energy that you have called about you.

If you would call the “Presence” to use the Violet Consuming Flame to dissolve and consume every particle of the accumulation of the past, including the present, then you would find it quite easy.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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