understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, let Me remind you of the difference between the Reality and that which mankind have requalified. The atmosphere that you breathe in is the Fire-Breath of God. If you really understood that and held it within your feeling, it would be impossible for you to breathe anything into your body that would harm it.

You have qualified the substance from your cities with the power of germs and all that kind of thing, to harm you.

Do you know, Gentlemen, that the Light within your body is impervious to germs of any kind, except by your Power of Qualification which admits them?

Now, there are particles of substance that the medical world calls germs, of course, which are imperfection; but the Light within you has been placed there as the impervious protection to your human structure.

Since mankind insists on giving power to these outer things to come in and harm them, well, they are the authority since they have Free Will to invite those things into their bodies to produce harm.

Oh, that you could understand that and set about at once to free yourself from those things. Why, Gentlemen, this good Messenger has gone to those having smallpox and every other kind of disease – and remained untouched by the conditions that were there.

Oh, the power of your acceptance, Gentlemen, is a mighty thing! It is the power of your Life acting.

You can accept or reject whatever you will. You can accept the Truth I give you and be free, or reject It and continue in your limitations and distress.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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