understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I call your attention to this good Messenger. Did He waste His energy in pleasure gratification? How in the Name of God do you think He would be able to call forth this Limitless Energy and Strength which he does, from eight o’clock in the morning until two o’clock the next morning – pouring forth this Mighty Energy, calling for the Protection and Blessing of mankind! It is without limit. He can call forth whatever is required, but He could not do it if He were wasting His energy.

This is one of the greatest Truths, Gentlemen, before you; and the pitiful thing is that mankind have encouraged each other. Doctors encourage men and women – that they must gratify themselves for relaxation. What a pitiful thing; what a tragedy before mankind.

My Dear Friends, when there above you is that Mighty Stream of Life, the Harmonizing Presence of the Universe beating your Heart, then you tell me that one must waste his energy in order to have relaxation? In the Name of God, Gentlemen, see the Truth and see how mistaken those individuals are!

I am not criticizing those doctors. Many of them actually believe that, because they have been trained through their medical science to believe such a thing is possible.

But it is not. I know better, and one day they will; but under the present condition unless these things are understood, mankind is lost.

That is why you are Minute Men of America. You may call yourselves Minute Men of Saint Germain, but I call you Minute Men of America because you are the ones whom I must depend on for a release of this power and energy, this Call to Life, which will bring about the Protection for America and hold It sustained.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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