isis unveiled: chapter IX (“As above, so below…”)

“Thou can’st not call that madness of which thou art proved to know nothing.” – TERTULLIAN: Apology.

“This is not a matter of to-day, or yesterday, but hath been from all times; And none hath told us whence it came or how!” – SOPHOCLES.

“Belief in the supernatural is a fact natural, primitive, universal, and constant in the life and history of the human race. Unbelief in the supernatural begets materialism; materialism, sensuality, sensuality, social convulsions, amid whose storms man again learns to believe and pray.” – GUIEOT.

“If any one think these things incredible, let him keep his opinions to himself, and not contradict those who, by such events, are incited to the study of virtue.” – JOSEPHUS.

“From the Platonic and Pythagorean views of matter and force, we will now turn to the kabalistic philosophy of the origin of man, and compare it with the theory of natural selection enunciated by Darwin and Wallace.

It may be that we shall find as much reason to credit the ancients with originality in this direction as in that which we have been considering.

To our mind, no stronger proof of the theory of cyclical progression need be required than the comparative enlightenment of former ages and that of the Patristic Church, as regards the form of the earth, and the movements of the planetary system.

Even were other evidence wanting, the ignorance of Augustine and Lactantius, misleading the whole of Christendom upon these questions until the period of Galileo, would mark the eclipses through which human knowledge passes from age to age.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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