understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen and Beloved Students, We are endeavoring to convey to you again more clearly the requirements of your Life and what it means for you to apply the Qualities, the Activities, and the Powers of your Presence, the “Mighty I AM”, in business, in the world of industry where it is needed so much today.

However, before continuing that which I shall say to you, I ask you Minute Men and those who are the Group Leaders at this time, to definitely issue a Mighty Decree to prevent the imprisonment of innocent individuals. Will you please make a note of this, for it will be forthcoming.

The reason I ask this is that there are conditions all over America today, in which vicious individuals are trying to imprison innocent people to get them out of the way. I do not hesitate to say that one of them is in the milk industry, which is endeavoring to railroad innocent individuals out of their way in order to carry out the nefarious attempt which they are making to control the food supply of the people of America.

Do not be asleep to these things! I tell you, it is a dangerous thing – dangerous in the extreme. That is how they hope to get control of mankind.

I want to say to you, Gentlemen, one of the most dangerous things is that in the pretense of doing good, from at least a half dozen angles they have gained information concerning the private life of every man in America. Many times that is done with one purpose – to find something shady within the life of the individual when they have made mistakes, through which they can hold a lever or pressure over the individual.

That has not been an activity of the Light, you know that. It is an activity of the sinister forces who want to hold this binding power upon mankind. However, it is My firm opinion today that this thing will be corrected.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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