understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Why do you suppose I had scarcely any response in Europe in four hundred years? Because the atmosphere is saturated by such destructive forces that mankind could not be at rest, at ease long enough to allow the Powers to get through; and you will remember, in those days, We could not intrude upon the Free Will of the individual.

Neither do We today except where there are viciously destructive forces – the Great Cosmic Law has said that no longer may the Free Will of those individuals act.

That would be the one hope today of the remedying of conditions. Therefore destructive individuals can be stopped; that is what has occurred in many instances, and why these activities can be removed from the Earth.

That is the activity of the Great Cosmic Law – not the Cosmic Law the outer scientists explain to you, but the Cosmic Law that is projected from the Central Governing Power of this System of Planets, which the Messengers express to you as the Great Central Sun.

That is the Cosmic Light projected by those Great Beings Who are the Authority for this System of Planets.

That is why It becomes All-powerfully active to produce results, and why you will see more and more of It as you see this Great Impulse go forth.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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