understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, I am not ashamed to say I love you. I want to see you happy and successful. I want to see you a part of the Freedom of America, the only spot left on Earth where there is a possibility of bringing this forward. Therefore, We have chosen it.

We love the whole World, but in the chaos that exists, there are only a few individuals who can even feel the Great Love and Harmony We try to pour forth to them.

Therefore, in America We are winning steadily and surely that Mighty Victory for blessed mankind, and the Protection and Freedom of America.

Remember this Expansion of the Light is educational, It is powerful; and while you are dealing with the “Presence”, the Power of Life, some of the World have considered It as religious. Yet It is a Law, not a religion.

It is the Mightiest Activity of Life; therefore It is the only thing that will cause the religions of the World to survive, as they come to understand the “Presence of Life” Individualized.

The Great Cosmic Light projected by these Great Beings from the Central Focus for this System of Planets is taking Its Command. And the people who give obedience to that, will find first will come the Freedom of America; then let us see what will happen to the rest of the World.

If you saw the seething vortex that exists in Europe and the Orient, in most of Europe and the Orient today, you would think that there was not a hope for Europe, all because of the vile, vicious agitators that are there – the dictators. They shall cease to be! (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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