isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“Theurgical magic is the last expression of occult psychological science. The Academicians reject it as the hallucination of diseased brains, or brand it with the opprobrium of charlatanry.

We deny to them most emphatically the right of expressing their opinion on a subject which they have never investigated. They have no more right, in their present state of knowledge, to judge of magic and Spiritualism than a Fiji islander to venture his opinion about the labors of Faraday of Agassiz. About all they can do on any one day is to correct the errors of the preceding day.

Nearly three thousand years ago, earlier than the days of Pythagoras, the ancient philosophers claimed that light was ponderable – hence matter, and that light was force.

The corpuscular theory, owing to certain Newtonian failures to account for it, was laughed down, and the undulatory theory, which proclaimed light imponderable, accepted. And now the world is startled by Mr. Crookes weighing light with his radiometer!

The Pythagoreans held that neither the sun nor the stars were the sources of light and heat, and that the former was but an agent; but the modern schools teach the contrary.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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