isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“If we now refer to mediaeval ages, we find, among others, Cornelius Agrippa telling us precisely the same:

“The ever-changing universal force, the ‘soul of the world’, can fecundate anything by infusing in its own celestial properties. Arranged according to the formula taught by science, these objects receive the gift of communicating to us their virtue.

It is sufficient to wear them, to feel them immediately operating on the soul as on the body….Human soul possesses, from the fact of its being of the same essence as all creation, a marvelous power.

One who possesses the secret is enabled to rise in science and knowledge as high as his imagination will carry him; but he does that only on the condition of becoming closely united to this universal force…Truth, even the future, can be then made ever present to the eyes of the soul;

and this fact has been many times demonstrated by things coming to pass as they were seen and described before hand…time and space vanish before the eagle eye of the immortal soul…her power becomes boundless…she can shoot through space and envelop with her presence a man, no matter at what distance; she can plunge and penetrate him through, and make him hear the voice of the person she belongs to, as if that person were in the room.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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