understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, let us come into the greater activity for the moment. You have understood but outer scientific explanation that the Cosmic Light was a Universal, established thing. That is true in one sense; but that which We speak of and the Messengers speak of as the Cosmic Light is a wholly different thing – not too much in quality, but in direction.

The Cosmic Light We refer to is released from the Central Focus which the Messengers have come to know as the Great Central Sun, the Central Focus of all Life, Consciousness, and Directing Intelligence to this System of the Planets.

Then, when that Great Cosmic Light is projected, It is projected consciously by the Ascended Beings Who have charge of It. That is consciously directed Rays of Light and Energy which We refer to, that are bringing about this great change on the Earth. You have not seen so much change yet, but with your cooperation you will see plenty.

Abundant change already has taken place if mankind care to observe it; but the pressure of human, destructive activities keeps holding the attention until mankind see that, rather than the Perfection which is coming in.

Still, with the acceptance that We have today in America, shall that Power of Light increase in Its Intensity.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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