understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen and Friends of America, My Joy is very great today, once again, for the opportunity of speaking directly to the men of America. In prefacing that which I shall say to you, I wish you to understand that while the vibratory action of your physical sight does not observe Me, I stand here but a few feet from the Messenger, flashing these Words to Him.

The only reason you do not see Me is because of the greater intensity of the Vibratory Action of My Body.

In the wintertime in your city when you see the electric lights, you see a radiance around them, do you not? Just so with Beings Who have set Themselves Free from the human limitations which are in the human form. And why are the limitations there in the human body, the human form?

Because you have caused the Light Pattern in your human form to be clothed by discord in your feelings.

The greatest power before humanity today is in understanding first that simplicity: that it is only discord acting within the feelings of mankind which has deprived them of every good thing that Life holds for them.

If you will understand this, you will set yourself Free – absolutely Free – if you care to accept, understand, and apply this Great Law!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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