understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“A Great Presence has recently come forth again from within the Great Silence. That Presence is giving you that Assistance today, so I want you to realize that everything that the outer man is capable of receiving is being brought forth into action for your Freedom, sustaining Power of Protection, and Supply.

We are determined that not one “I AM” Student in America or the World shall be without the comfortable supply necessary for their service; and if you will go on with your Decrees for that objective, you will find that coming into action daily.

There is no question about it.

Therefore, as these Currents of Energy are charging forth today, anchoring within your feeling world the Strength, the Courage, the Happiness for all that you require, accept it in its fullness and let it do its perfect work.

I thank you, Gentlemen, and in the fullness of that Great Host of Light, those Great Cosmic Beings, the Legions of Light, the Great Cosmic Light which is focused here, accept the fullness of Its Invincible Power, Its Invincible Protection, Its Directing Intelligence, and your Freedom and Victory in the Light now and forever sustained.

I thank you. (Applause)”

Beloved Saint Germain

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