understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Think of it – the “Great Presence of Life” of this good Messenger, in England, did what the best lawyers in England and America failed to do; and He was only a lad.

Therefore, Dear Ones, I want you to realize today that in the Call to your “Presence”, not only is one avenue opened to you for your success and achievement, but all avenues; and you will not be confined to just one.

Suppose you have been trained in one particular activity: Your “Presence of Life”, like a flash of lightning, can prepare you and make you equal to whatever is required in your service that you desire. I want you to hold that unlimited action of your “Presence” through your own brain and body, because it is true.

In all the glorious things that are before you in your Call to the “Presence”, Gentlemen, be firm, be determined, and stand unyielding in your Call for the Perfection and limitless supply and all that you wish to have come forth into your use and action, through your body and into your world of action; and you will have that Eternal Blessing, Freedom, and Perfection of Life.

I thank you, Gentlemen, with all My Heart for this opportunity again today, and know that I stand with you in your determination for Freedom, for Supply, for the Victory of Life.

If you will stand with Me, I will stand with you – and no person ever failed under My Assistance! (Applause – audience rising)

Gentlemen, you perhaps do not conceive what the Power of Divine Love is in Its Fullness; but were you My children in a physical embodiment, I could not possibly love you one-tenth of what I love you today when I see your willingness to make the necessary Application to be free.

Knowing that We have by the identical, same Application attained Our Freedom, then do you understand why that Love is so great? There is no human element in It, but great Power of Love that wants you to have your Freedom because you are so near It.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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