understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I will just call your attention, Gentlemen – the Messengers have been so very patient in all these falsehoods that have been spread about Their not returning to Chicago. Why, They lived and taught in Chicago for two years, and yet those reports go forth! Mankind are foolish enough to believe it, but now They are returning to disprove that lie to all who have uttered it.

I want to say to you, Gentlemen, this same falsehood has been spread to almost every businessman’s activity throughout America. I need not tell you by whom; you already know that.

Think of it – men representing the Heart of the business activity of America who would accept that falsehood without investigating both sides of the question! Now that has been done in many places in America; and when those businessmen see that mistake, they will be more careful in the future.

For mankind to accept a report without verifying it to see whether it is true or not, is certainly a mistake upon the part of anyone.

So, I want to prompt you: wherever you have the opportunity, kill those silly reports and be firm and sure of yourself when you do it.

Therefore, as We go forth in this Mighty Expansion, Gentlemen, I could say some things to you today that I am sure, regardless of the appearance of age, you could readily turn a handspring.

But I will just say this much – that the achievement, the Expansion of the Light within the last sixty days has been beyond Our fondest Hope or Expectation.

The response from within the feeling world of the Students everywhere has been so much firmer, so much greater than seemed possible ninety days ago, because as I have said to you repeatedly, until the human has gained self-control, you cannot depend upon what it is going to do – I mean in its feeling. With so much of it, it is unruly.

But today, and since the beginning of the Shrine Class, the most gigantic change has come within all the Students of America. It is the most joyful, encouraging, magnificent thing.

I say to you, have all the courage in the world and do not yield, Gentlemen; for I know so many in America today, because of this strike condition and agitators and the failure of employment, who do yield;

but you as “I AM” Students need not.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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