understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Gentlemen, let Me draw firmly to your attention another point today: Because you are “I AM” Students, don’t get any idea that you must lie down and be made a doormat! Now, please get that point!

It does not mean that you are to just pour out love and kindness to a destructive force that wants to destroy you; but in the great Power of your Mighty Decrees and the firmness and determination, send forth your Mighty Decree to annihilate that thing because it is a destructive quality.

I know in the beginning of this Work, many individuals thought that they must not oppose. You do not oppose, but you issue a Decree in the Power of Life to dissolve the thing or condition.

You must be firm against human, destructive qualities – don’t forget that – but you do not have to be unkind. You don’t have to be destructive about it; but in your firm determination and your Call for the “Presence of Life” to dissolve, consume, and annihilate the quality that is acting, there is right and Justice.

I want you to feel that.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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