isis unveiled: chapter chapter VIII (our place among infinities)

“As to calling in question the intrinsic knowledge of the ancients on the ground of their “superstitious deductions from natural phenomena”, it is as appropriate as it would be if, five hundred years hence, our descendants should regard the pupils of Professor Balfour Stewart as ancient ignoramuses, and himself a shallow philosopher.

If modern science, in the person of this gentlemen, can condescend to make experiments to determine whether the appearance of the spots on the sun’s surface is in any way connected with the potato disease, and finds it is; and that, moreover, “the earth is very seriously affected by what takes place in the sun”, why should the ancient astrologers be held up as either fools or arrant knaves?

There is the same relation between natural and judicial or judiciary astrology, as between physiology and psychology, the physical and the moral.

If in later centuries these sciences were degraded into charlatanry by some money-making impostors, is it just to extend the accusation to those mighty men of old who, by their persevering studies and holy lives, bestowed an immortal name upon Chaldea and Babylonia?

Surely those who are now found to have made correct astronomical observations ranging back to “within 100 years from the flood”, from the top observatory of the “cloud-encompassed Bel”, as Prof. Draper has it, can hardly be considered impostors.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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